Custom Script Examples

How to Create a Custom Script

Create a Custom Script (you must have System Manager role for this):

  1. Got to: Setup > Custom Script > New Custom Script
  2. Select the DocType in which you want to add the Custom Script


  1. Server Custom Scripts are only available for the Administrator.
  2. Client Custom Scripts are in Javascript and Server Custom Scripts are in Python.
  3. For testing, make sure to go to Tools > Clear Cache and refresh after updating a Custom Script.


  1. Custom Script Fetch Values From Master
  2. Date Validation
  3. Generate Item Code Based On Custom Logic
  4. Make Read Only After Saving
  5. Restrict Cancel Rights
  6. Restrict Purpose Of Stock Entry
  7. Restrict User Based On Child Record
  8. Sales Invoice Id Based On Sales Order Id
  9. Update Date Field Based On Value In Other Date Field
  10. Add a Custom Button