Holiday List

Holiday List is a list which contains the dates of holidays along with the occasion of that holiday. The list is generally valid for one calendar year.

Most organisations have a standard Holiday-List for their employees. Some even have different holiday lists for laborers and a different one for management staff.

To set up a holiday list in the system, Go to Human Resources Module and Click on Holiday List.

Human Resources >Holiday List > New Holiday List

Figure 1: Holiday List

Step 1: Give a name to the Holiday list

Step 2: Mention the Fiscal Year

Step 3: State the Weekly off.

Step 4: Click on the button 'Get Weekly Off Dates'

This step will fill the box below with yearly off dates with day as the description.

Step 5: Click on Add new row to add more dates

Mention the holiday reason in the description and select the date from the 'Date' field.

Figure 2: Adding new holidays to the list

Note 1: If you have selected a holiday list in the Employment Details form, the system will give priority to the form mentioned here. It will fetch the list mentioned in the form rather than the one which you may have specified as Default; However, if there is no list in the employment details form, the default list will be fetched.

Note 2: You can form as many holiday lists as you wish. For example, if you have a mill, you can have one list for mill workers and another list for office staff. You can manage between lists by attaching their respective holiday list to their respective employment detail form.

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