Production Planning Tool

Production Planning Tool helps you plan production and purchase of Items for a period (usually a week or a month).

This list of Items can be generated from the open Sales Orders or pending Material Requests that can be Manufactured in the system and will generate:

  • Production Orders for each Item.
  • Purchase Requests for Items whose Projected Quantity is likely to fall below zero.

To use the Production Planning Tool, go to:

Manufacturing > Tools > Production Planning Tool

Production Planing Tool

Step 1: Specify source to get Production Items

  • You can select Sales Order or Material Request according to where you want to source the items from
  • If you plan to add items manually, keep the "Get items from" field empty

Step 2: Select and get Sales Order / Material Request

  • Use filters to get the Sales Order / Material Request
  • Click on Get Sales Order / Get Material Requests to generate a list.

Production Planing Tool

Step 3: Get Items

  • Get the items for the Sales Order / Material request list
  • You can add/remove or change quantity of these Items.

Production Planing Tool

Step 4: Create Production Orders

Production Planing Tool

Step 5: Create Material Request

Create Material Request for Items with projected shortfall.

Production Planing Tool

The Production Planning Tool is used in two stages:

  • Selection of open Sales Orders / pending Material Request for the period based on “Expected Delivery Date”.
  • Selection of Items from those Sales Orders / Material Requests

The tool will update if you have already created Production Orde rs for a particular Item against its Sales Order (“Planned Quantity”) or Material Request.

You can always edit the Item list and increase / reduce quantities to plan your production.

Note: How do you change a Production Plan? The output of the Production Planning Tool is the Production Order. Once your orders are created, you can change them by amending the Production Orders.

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