Address Template

Each region has its own way of defining Addresses. To manage multiple address formats for your Documents (like Quotation, Purchase Invoice etc.), you can create country-wise Address Templates.

Setup > Printing and Branding > Address Template

A default Address Template is created when you setup the system. You can either edit or update it or create a new template.

One template is default and will apply to all countries that do not have an specific template.


The templating engine is based on HTML and the Jinja Templating system and all the fields (including Custom Fields) will be available for creating the template.

Here is the default template:

{{ address_line1 }}<br>
{% if address_line2 %}{{ address_line2 }}<br>{% endif -%}
{{ city }}<br>
{% if state %}{{ state }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if pincode %}PIN:  {{ pincode }}<br>{% endif -%}
{{ country }}<br>
{% if phone %}Phone: {{ phone }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if fax %}Fax: {{ fax }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if email_id %}Email: {{ email_id }}<br>{% endif -%}


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