Custom Translations

User can print the customer's and supplier's document in their local language. For an example if I have customers from germany, france who want quotation in german, french language will be possible with these feature.

Set Language

In the Customer master, select default Language. Say default language for the Customer is deutsch.

Same way, you can also set default language in the Supplier master.

Print Preview in the Party's Language

In the Print Preview of a transaction, values will be translated into party's language.

Customer Quotation print preview in customer's default language.

Supplier Quotation print preview in supplier's default language.

What to do if want to print with another language?

User can have option to select alternate language on print view.

Custom Translation

User can set their custom translations using translation form. For example user want to set description of the product in customer's language(Italiano). For that create new translation with language as Italiano, enter source data and Translated information.

Setup > Settings > Translation List > New

The translation is applied when user select language as Italiano on supplier quotation's print preview.