Letter Head

Each company has default Letter Head for their company. This Letter Head values are generally set as Header and Footer in the documents. In ERPNext, you can capture the these details in the Letter Head master.

In the Letter Head master, you can track Header and Footer details of the company. These details will appear in the Print Format of the transactions like Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Salary Slip, Purchase Order etc.

Step 1: Go to Setup

Explore > Setup > Printing > Letter Head > New Letter Head

Step 2: Letter Head Name

In one ERPNext account, you can enter multiple Letter Head, hence name Letter Head so that you can identify it easily. For example, if your Letter Head also contains office address, then you should create separate Letter Head for each office location.

Step 3: Enter Details

Following is how you can enter details in the Letter Head.

  • Logo Image: You can insert the image in your Letter Head record by clicking on image icon. Once image is inserted, HTML for it will be generated automatically.
  • Other information (like Address, tax ID etc.) that you want to put on your letter head.

Print Heading

If you want to make this the default letter head, click on “Is Default”.

Step 4: Save

After enter values in the Header and Footer section, Save Letter Head.

Letter Head in the Print Format

This is how the letter head looks in a document's print.

Print Heading

Please note that Footer will be visible only when document's print is seen in the PDF. Footer will not be visible in the HTML based print preview.

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