Third Party Backups

If you wish to store your backups on a periodic basis,on Dropbox, you can do it directly through ERPNext.

Setup > Manage 3rd Party Backups

Step 1: Click on Setup.

Step 2: Click on Manage Third Party Backup

Figure 1: Manage Third Party Backup

Third Party Backups

On the Backup Manager page, enter the email addresses of those people whom you wish to notify about the upload status. Under the topic 'Sync with Dropbox', select whether you wish to upload Daily, Weekly or Never.

Step 3 Click on Allow Dropbox Access.

Tip: In future, if you wish to discontinue uploading backups to dropbox, then select the Never option.

Figure 2: Allow Dropbox Access

Backup Manager

You need to login to your dropbox account, with your user id and password.

Dropbox Access

Open Source Users

Installing Pre-Requisites

pip install dropbox
pip install google-api-python-client

Create an App in Dropbox

First create your Dropbox account and create a new app ( After successful creation of account you will receive app_key, app_secret and access_type. Now edit site_config.json of your site (/frappe-bench/sites/your-site/) and add the following lines: - "dropbox_access_key": "app_key", and - "dropbox_secret_key": "app_secret"

Then you can go to the "Integrations" module and Allow Dropbox Access.

Note: Please ensure Allow Pop-ups are enabled in your browser.

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