User Permissions

Role Base Permissions define the periphery of document types within which a user with a set of Roles can move around in. However, you can have an even finer control by defining User Permissions for a User. By setting specific documents in User Permissions list, you can limit access for that User to specific documents of a particular DocType, on the condition that "Apply User Permissions" is checked in Role Permissions Manager.

To start with, go to:

Setup > Permissions > User Permissions Manager

User Permissions Manager displaying how users can access only a specific Company.


User '' has Sales User role and we want to limit the user to access records for only a specific Company 'Rio Solutions'.

  1. We add a User Permissions row for Company.

    User Permissions For Company

    Add User Permissions row for a combination of User '' and Company 'Rio Solutions'.

  2. Also Role "All" has only Read permission for Company, with 'Apply User Permissions' checked.

    Role Permissions for All on Company

    Read Permission with Apply User Permissions checked for DocType Company.

  3. The combined effect of the above two rules lead to User '' having only Read access to Company 'Rio Solutions'.

    Effect of Role and User Permissions on Company

    Access is limited to Company 'Rio Solutions'.

  4. We want this User Permission on Company to get applied on other documents like Quotation, Sales Order, etc.

    These forms have a Link Field based on Company. As a result, User Permissions on Company also get applied on these documents, which leads to User 'tom.hagen@riosolutions' to acces these documents having Company 'Rio Solutions'.

    Sales User Role Permissions for Quotation

    Users with Sales User Role can Read, Write, Create, Submit and Cancel Quotations based on their User Permissions, since 'Apply User Permissions' is checked.

    Quotation List limited to results for Company 'Rio Solutions'

    Quotation List is limited to results for Company 'Rio Solutions' for User ''.

  5. User Permissions get applied automatically based on Link Fields, just like how it worked for Quotation. But, Lead Form has 4 Link fields: Territory, Company, Lead Owner and Next Contact By. Say, you want Leads to limit access to Users based only on Territory, even though you have defined User Permissions for DocTypes User, Territory and Company. You can do this by setting 'Ignore User Permissions' for Link fields: Company, Lead Owner and Next Contact By.

Role Permissions on Lead for Sales User Role

Sales User can Read, Write and Create Leads limited by User Permissions.

Set Ingore User Permissions from Setup > Customize > Customize Form

Check 'Ingore User Permissions' for Company, Lead Owner and Next Contact By fields using Setup > Customize > Customize Form for Lead.

Lead List is limited to records with Territory 'United States'

Due to the effect of the above combination, User '' can only access Leads with Territory 'United States'.

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