In order to allow multiple people to submit multiple requests, for approvals, by multiple users, ERPNext requires you to fill the workflow conditions. ERPNext tracks the multiple permissions before submission.

Example of a leave application workflow is given below:

If a user applies for a leave, then his request will be sent to the HR department. The HR department (HR User) will either reject or approve this request. Once this process is completed, the user's Manager (leave approver) will get an indication that the HR department has Accepted or Rejected. The Manager, who is the approving authority, will either Approve or Reject this request. Accordingly,the user will get his Approved or Rejected status.


To make this Workflow and transition rules go to :

Setup > Workflow > New Workflow

Step 1: Enter the different states of Leave Approval Process.


Step 2: Enter Transition Rules.



Note 1: When you make a workflow you essentially overwrite the code that is written for that document. Thus the document will function based on your workflow and not based on the pre-set code settings. Hence there might be no submit button / option if you have not specified it in the workflow.

Note 2: Document status of saved is 0, of submitted is 1, and of cancelled is 2.

Note 3: A document cannot be cancelled unless it is submitted.

Note 4: If you wish to give the option to cancel, you will have to write a workflow transition step that says from submitted you can cancel.

Example of a Leave Application Process:

When a Leave Application is saved by Employee, the status of the document changes to "Applied"

Workflow Employee LA

When the HR User logs in, he can either Approve or Reject. If approved the status of the document changes to "Approved by HR". However, it is yet to be approved by Leave Approver.

Leave Approver

When the Leave Approver opens the Leave Application page, he can finally "Approve" or "Reject" the Leave Application.

Workflow Leave Approver

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