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How Do I Track Warranty Status?

To track a warranty period, it is necessary that the Item is a serialized Item. When this Item is delivered, the delivery date and the expiry period is saved in the serial number master. Through the serial number master you can track the warranty status.

A warranty means a guarantee or a promise which provides assurance by one party to the other party which allows for a legal remedy if that promise is not true or followed. A warranty period is a time period in which a purchased product may be returned or exchanged.


How To Name A Manufacturer Part Number?

Go to the purchase details section of the Item form, and enter the number on the right hand side in the field ‘Manufacturer Part Number’

Stock > Item

A manufacturer part number is a series of numbers and /or letters that has been given to a part by the manufacturer. The manufacturer part number belongs to the manufacturer and helps distinguish the part from other manufacturers. If two parts come from different manufacturers, they will have different MPNs. This allows businesses to identify which company made the part.

Part No

For Example: A refrigerator will have different parts which will have manufacturer part number. Thus, when any part fails and you want to replace it, you can simply order that part based on its part number.