Delete Submitted Document

To be able to delete Submitted document, you should first Cancel. Once canceled, you can delete that document from Menu or from the List View of that Document Type.

If document which needs to be deleted is also linked to other documents, then you should first Cancel document those document as well. For example if you need to delete Sales Order, but Delivery Note and Sales Invoice has already been created against it. Then you should first cancel and delete documents in reverse order, i.e. Sales Invoice, Delivery Note and then Sales Order.

Delete option is only visible to user having related permission. From Role Permission Manager, you can control and define Delete permission and Role for each Document Type.

Following are step to delete submitted documents.

Step 1: Cancel Document

You will find option to Cancel in the submitted document. If document is at draft stage, it can delete directly. Also if document is not submittable, but only save, it can be deleted directly.

Cancel Doc

Step 2: Delete Document

After cancellation, go to Menu and click on Delete.

Delete Doc

Step 3: Deleting from List

For bulk deletion, you can select multiple Cancelled records and delete at once from the List View.

Delete Doc from List