Merging Documents

For a document, if you have two records which are identical, and meant for common purpose, you can merge them into one record.

Following are step to merge documents. Let's assume we are merging two Accounts.

Step 1: Go to Chart of Account

Accounts > Documents > Chart of Accounts

Step 2: Go to Account

For an Account to be merged, click on the "Rename" option.

Sales Order File Attachment

Step 3: Merge Account

In the New Name field, enter another account name with which this account will be merged. Check "Merge with existing" option. Then press 'Rename' button to merge.

Following is how the merged account will appear in the Chart of Accounts master.

Sales Order File Attachment

Effect of Merging

After Account is merged, new name is updated in the existing transactions where old account was selected.

Note: Group Account cannot be merged into Child Account and vice versa.