Search Filter

Search Filter option allow user to filter records based on value in the specific field of that document. Search Filters are available on the List View of Document Type and in the Report Builder.

Each filter option has three fields.


Select field of the document based on which you wish to filter records.

Search Filter Field

Based On

With Field, you will provide a value. In the based on field, you can define a criterion that when filter should be applied in record. It will be when value define for the field if filter is:

Search Filter Based On


A value should be entered in this field based on while records will be filtered. After filter is applied, records will be filtered based on it. And filter will shrunk under one field/button.

Search Filter Based On

You can apply multiple filters at a time. To remove specific filter, just click on cancelled (X) sign ahead of it.

Ready Filters

From the list views, you can also apply filters by clicking on the Status field.

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