Web Forms

Add forms to the website that will add / update data in your tables. Allow users to edit / manage multiple web forms

You can add forms in your website for example, Contact Us, Inquiry, Complaint etc. Data from these can fill up records like Lead, Opportunity, Issue etc. The user can also be allowed manage multiple records (like Complaints etc.)


To create a new Web Form go to:

Website > Web Form > New

  1. Set the Web Form title and url.
  2. Select the DocType in which you want the user to store the records.
  3. Select if you require the user to login, edit records, manage multiple records etc.
  4. Add the fields you want in the record.

Web Form


Once you create the web form, you can view it on the url and test it out!

Web form


Your data will be stored in the table you have selected

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